Who is The Share Bear?

The Share Bear is a marketplace that provides an opportunity for parents to independently sell, earn money and to shop for their child in an ethical and eco-conscious way by choosing to buy preloved and pre-owned items.

How does The Share Bear make money?

Good question! In exchange for providing a safe marketplace, with qualified buyers and sellers, The Share Bear charges a 20% commission for every item sold. This commission is automatically deducted from the sale, so you don’t need to do a thing. We don’t get paid unless you are successful in selling your item.

What payment methods can I use?

After uploading a product ,go to My Share Board< Your Details < Payment Info and choose a payment option. 
You can choose to get paid via bank transfer or UPI Ids ( Google Pay/Paytm) and if you like you can even donate your earnings.

How do I sell an item?

At The Share Bear we let you choose, You can either list your own items OR you can contact us to list them for you! All you have to do is click on “sell”, choose the option you prefer. It’s really that simple!

How do I take my product off the site, incase I change my mind?

Incase you wish to delist a product. Kindly follow the steps below.  Login to your account. Go to My Share Board< My List and delete the product.

What if the item I’m purchasing is defective?

We encourage anyone purchasing an item to do a thorough check before buying it. At the same time, we hope that everyone listing items is honest when describing the condition of the items they are posting.

How soon does my listing expire?

A listing stays up on The Share Bear website for 45 Days. Two days before it expires, we will send you an email asking if you’d like it to stay up for another 45 days. If the item is not sold on our website we can also help you donate it.

Can I list the same items on other platforms?

If you are listing an item on The Share Bear please ensure you do not list it on any other  platforms. If you do wish to list the items on other platforms, kindly delete it from ours.

How long will the money appear in my account?

Your account will be credited within 7-14 days post dispatch.

Do you also take items for donation?

Yes! If you feel that certain items are not saleable and you wish to donate them instead, were happy to connect you with our partners. Do check out the Donate section for more details

Can I donate my sale earnings?

Yes of course! No amount is too small and this gesture  can make a big impact for these organizations. Click the ‘donate’ button once you’ve completed your listing